Season 5 is here — check out our new prizes!

JDRF Game2Give’s fourth season of fundraising closed with a huge milestone: our program has raised more than $3M for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research since our first events in November 2019. Cue the balloons and confetti!

We’re kicking off Season 5 with a new Game Over, T1D! fundraiser, new prizes, and a special award ceremony honoring the community members who went above and beyond this past year. Read on for the scoop.

Register for Game Over, T1D! on Tiltify

Once again, we’re starting the season with our big summer fundraiser, Game Over, T1D! Now in its fourth year, this event brings our community together for ten fun-filled days of charity streams on Twitch and YouTube. This year’s dates are August 18–27.

But why wait? Registration is open now and you can start fundraising whenever you want!

Season 5 prizes are here!

Why should you join Game Over, T1D? Of course, making a difference in the fight against type 1 diabetes is the biggest reason. But here’s another one: to earn JDRF Game2Give swag!

These prizes stack, which means every JDRF fundraiser you do on Tiltify between now and June 30, 2024 will count. Keep charity streaming all season to max out your goodies.

Special shout-out to T1D artist Danielle Gundry-Monji, who designed the adorable animals on the stickers and T-shirt. You can see descriptions and bigger pictures of the items on our Game Over, T1D! Tiltify page.

And the winners are…

On June 29, we celebrated our Season 4 achievements with our first-ever award ceremony on Twitch. Didn’t see it live? Check out the VOD for a recap of the progress JDRF made this year and to learn about the fifteen amazing community members who took home a Blue Heart trophy.

Congratulations to our Season 4 winners: TheSolidHair, Toonafeesh, TheKoolEagle, Femennenly, babe_rosss, Jambo, 4Zae, Nukkuler, TheOnlyRyann, Relaxander666, RogueLiliana, Dark Insanities, Patch Notes FreekyFastBroadcasting, and 8BitVal.

Streamer Spotlight: Toonafeesh

This month’s Streamer Spotlight honoree got a crash course in diabetes management when his son was diagnosed with T1D five years ago. Toonafeesh joined our community in 2021 looking for a way to give back to the cause. And, boy, has he ever!

Toona was our #9 top fundraiser in Season 4 thanks to his creative Sea of Thieves charity streams that included giveaways of rare in-game items, gift cards, and handcrafted wooden JDRF boats as donation incentives. He’s planning to make an even bigger splash in this summer’s Game Over, T1D! event—in fact, he reached out to us to discuss his ideas way back in December!

We love it when Toona brings his son, Tiny Toona, onto his streams, like he did for our Quest for the Golden Rufus event last fall. And we’ll be forever grateful to him for lending his time and talent to 3D print the incredible Blue Heart trophies for our recent awards ceremony.

“JDRF Game2Give means a lot to me because it allows me to actively contribute to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes,” Toona says of his involvement with the program. “My son was diagnosed at the age of four and I want him to live a life without fear or complications.”

Here’s to Toona (and Tiny Toona!) for being a stand-up member of the JDRF Game2Give community.

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