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Whether you’re a seasoned content creator, new to streaming, or somewhere in between, we have your back! The resources and assets below will help you get started.

Streaming Resources

Information about JDRF and type 1 diabetes to help you prepare for your charity stream.

Get Started Guide

Get Started Guide

Want to charity stream for JDRF, but not sure where to start? Our Get Started Guide will teach you how to set up a Tiltify campaign, how to get those donations rolling in, and how prepare for the big day.

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips

Here are some of our favorite tips for doing a charity stream. You can also visit our Discord to get tips from other streamers in the JDRF Game2Give community.

Fundraising Tutorials

Fundraising Tutorials

We do periodic fundraising tutorials on our Twitch channel. Here are links to some of our past tutorials. The information may be slightly out of date, but the tutorials can still help you prepare for your charity stream:
Talking Points

Talking Points

Pointing your viewers to specific research or initiatives that excite you can encourage people to donate. Make this easy by creating a chat command that displays the URL of a page on that gives details about how JDRF funds research or a peek inside the lab. Here are a few links to get you started:

General facts about T1D and JDRF to mention during your charity stream:

Twitch Channel Commands

Twitch Channel Commands

Chat commands are a great way to provide information about JDRF and your charity stream to your viewers. Here’s the list of commands we use on the JDRF Twitch channel. Feel free to add some of these to your own channel.

🌐 denotes data is from

🌐1 in 3 people living with Type 1 Diabetes don’t make it to age 55.

🌐1 in 8 children globally who develop type 1 diabetes die soon after onset.

🌐Worldwide, 8.7 million people live with T1D today, and this number has been doubling every 15 years. If we stay on this path, by 2040, nearly 7 million people will be missing due to T1D.

Identify the symptoms of T1D by remembering the 4 Ts. // [1️⃣] Toilet – going to the loo a lot, bed wetting by a usually dry child or heavier nappies in babies; [2️⃣] Thirsty – being really thirsty and not being able to quench the thirst; [3️⃣] Tired – feeling more tired than usual ;[4️⃣] Thinner – losing weight or looking thinner than normal.

Thanks to our sponsor, Abbott, products like the FreeStyle Libre 2 and 3 systems help people living with type 1 diabetes manage their care with access to real-time glucose readings without the need for fingersticks. Learn more:

JDRF is the leading global type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and advocacy organization. Our mission is to improve lives today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. JDRF Game2Give is our partnership with the gaming and streamer community. Learn more at  and 

Tips for making your Twitch page accessible: and 

Urge Congress to Support Insulin Affordability:

JDRF Advocates help build and sustain critical support for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research funded by the federal government by raising awareness among members of congress of the financial, medical, and emotional costs of the disease. Join us and learn more:

Sign up to be a JDRF Advocate!

Omnipod Bay is a diabetes-friendly island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Use dream code DA-9645-5879-6910 or search for OmnipodBay (no space) when you lie down to sleep. Make sure to stop by the JDRF booth and snap a selfie with Rufus! Learn more: 

Check out JDRF’s Game2Give Streaming Assets!

Beyond Type 1 is a nonprofit organization changing what it means to live with diabetes. Through platforms, programs, resources and grants, Beyond Type 1 is uniting the global diabetes community and providing solutions to improve lives today.

You can find industry news, inspirational stories and practical help on our websites and social channels available in numerous languages for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Beyond Type 1 offers content in nine different languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, German and Portuguese.

Sign up for Beyond Type 1’s newsletter to read our best articles, get updates from the organization, and more.

Beyond Type 1 offers a variety of programs primarily focused on addressing problems faced by the diabetes community and providing peer support. These include: (for insulin access support), the Warning Signs Campaign, Snail Mail Club (a pen pal program), Diabetes Scholars (a scholarship program for students with T1D), and more. Find a full list of programs, platforms, and past projects:

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

Every two years, about 160 kids representing every state in the US visit Washington DC, where they meet members of Congress to discuss issues important to people with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Learn more:

Want to use Crowd Control during your charity stream? This article will get you started: 

💭Join our Discord to find out about upcoming events and opportunities, share your connection to T1D, and connect with JDRF staff and other content creators in our community:

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious condition in which an insulin-deprived body seeks energy from stored fat. Ketones are caused by the breakdown of fat when there isn’t enough insulin to allow the glucose (sugar) into your cells for energy. When ketones build up, the result is acidosis (too much acid in the blood). If not treated, this can lead to death. More: 

💸Let’s turn type 1 into type none! 🔗Donate here: 

For those of you based in the US, you can get a free trial of the FreeStyle Libre 2 or 3 sensor through the MyFreeStyle program. It’s a diabetes education and support program that will teach you how to use your FreeStyle Libre sensor and give you tips on diabetes management. Learn more at  

For more information about the JDRF Game2Give program please check out this link! 

🌐Over 1.4 million people are living with Type 1 Diabetes in the U.S.

hugs $(user)

Humble Bundle is an incredible partner that has donated more than $1.3M to JDRF since 2019. We don’t have a promotion running right now, but you we’ll get a small cut if you use our affiliate link:

🎁Check out our lineup of Season 5 (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024) incentives, starting out at $100!  

Insulin helps regulate blood-sugar levels throughout the day and night, a key to managing diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes (T1D) rely on insulin therapy to help manage their blood-glucose levels. While insulin therapy keeps people with T1D alive, it is not a cure, nor does it prevent the possibility of T1D’s serious side effects. Learn more: 

If you or someone you love is struggling to access insulin, can help. At, you can create a customized access plan, and find copay cards and assistance programs you may qualify for based on your location, types of insulin you use, income level and insurance coverage.

This website has tons of resources to support you!

JDRF is the leading global funder of type 1 diabetes research. We’re creating a world that’s safer for those living with T1D, until one day we live in a world without this disease. Learn more at and smash that donate button below to change lives!

🌐For every 2 people living with Type 1 Diabetes, 1 person has lost their life.

Thanks for joining us! Have a nice Lurk $(user)!

Type 1 diabetes affects more than just the physical. It’s emotionally taxing and tests our constitutions daily. Whether you have type 1 or are a caregiver for someone who has it, you should know first that you are not alone. For resources:

Find your local JDRF Chapter (US Only): 
Find your international affiliate

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage which can affect nerves in many parts of your body. Common early symptoms of nerve damage include numbness, tingling or sharp pains in the feet or lower legs. More: 

Sign up to get emails about upcoming JDRF Game2Give fundraising campaigns and events here:

copy this message to paste in chat after we raid: JDRF RAID! <3 <3 <3

Welcome in raiders! Thank you so much for your support, $(touser)!<3 You can check them out at$(touser).

🥳The JDRF Game2Give community has raised $3M through video game and livestream fundraisers since our first events in November 2019.

Ready Type 1 is our Ambassador program. Everyone on the team has a connection to type 1 diabetes. Interested in joining? Fill out this form: 

🔬JDRF is the world’s largest nonprofit funder of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. With your support, we hope to find cures for T1D and improve the lives of those affected by it—and to do it as quickly as possible. Learn more about our research strategy and where your dollars go:

Access JDRF Game2Give talking points, assets, fundraising tips, and other tools to help with your charity stream: 

Play JDRF One World in Roblox! 

🧸Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes has provided comfort and companionship to newly diagnosed children with T1D for 25+ years. Rufus has special patches to interact with a free mobile companion app that can open up a new world of learning and playing for you and your child with diabetes! Rufus gives children hands-on practice with counting carbs, monitoring blood sugar, and dosing with insulin using virtual diabetes care tools. Buy your own Rufus:

📅Find our full schedule of upcoming streams here:

Get a tee shirt that works in JDRF One World and all of Roblox!

Sign up to stream for JDRF Game2Give here:

Go check out $(touser) at$(touser)

🤗Follow us on X and Instagram to stay up to date, and tag us when you tweet about your JDRF charity streams. We’ll help you signal boost… and we may just show up to say hi. 🙂 // 

If you or a loved one has been newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and/or is looking for support, we’ve got the information you need to understand and manage the disease so you can stay strong and healthy until we find a cure: 

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas are mistakenly destroyed by the body’s immune system. People with T1D are dependent on injected or pumped insulin to survive. Its causes are not fully known, and there is currently no cure. T1D seems to have a genetic component and can be diagnosed early in life but also in adulthood. Learn more: 

Learn more about T1Detect and order your kit here:

🌐The T1D Index measures how many people live with the condition, the healthy years of life it takes from people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), and what can be done to reduce its impact. Type 1 diabetes has never before been measured in this way or at this scale. 🔗 // P.S. (if you see a command with a 🌐next to it – it’s from the T1D Index!)

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a metabolic disorder in which a person’s body still produces insulin but is unable to use it effectively. T2D is often diagnosed later in life and can be due to genetic predisposition or behavior. It can often be managed with diet and exercise or medication. More serious cases may require insulin therapy. Learn more: 

Get involved with JDRF by participating in various programs and initiatives, and/or signing up for JDRF newsletter:  

Fundraise for JDRF by registering a campaign on Tiltify:

Time-in-range (TIR) is a measurement that tells you what percentage of the day your blood sugars are in your goal range. While using a CGM, you often work with your healthcare team to set “low” and “high” alarms that determine the appropriate goal range for your blood sugar levels. Learn more about TIR here: 

Learn more about current type 1 clinical trials and sign up to join a clinical trial today:


🌐8.7 million people live with T1D around the world; 3.9 million people who had T1D should be alive today; and the average person loses 32 years of health life due to T1D. T1D is one of the fastest growing non-communicable conditions on the planet.

The JDRF Youth Ambassador (YA) Program was created for children and teens (ages 5 – 18) living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who are interested in becoming involved with the educational, fundraising, and volunteer efforts of their local JDRF community.

Social Media Checklist

Social Media Checklist

Make the most of social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Discord to support your charity streaming and fundraising! Here are some ideas:

JDRF Game2Give Social Media:

JDRF Social Media:

Donation Matching Guide

Donation Matching Guide

Doubling isn’t just for gum anymore! Read this guide to learn how donation match challenges and corporate matching gifts can double your impact in a JDRF Game2Give fundraiser.


Streaming Assets

Overlays, logos, and other goodies to let your viewers know you’re fundraising for JDRF and help track progress toward your goal.



Panel Graphics

Panel Graphics

Add these graphics to your Twitch panels to make it easy for people to donate. Link the graphic to your Tiltify donation page.


Social Media Templates

Social Media Templates

Hosting a charity stream outside of event season? Use Canva to customize our evergreen social media templates.  (For event-specific templates, visit the #Resources channel on our Discord.)

Twitter / X


Instagram Stories

Want to create a different sized design?

In the Canva editor, click Resize on the menu bar and select the size you want to adapt the design for, and then Copy & Resize or Resize! Check out Canva’s Getting Started Guide for more tips.

Rufus Emotes

Rufus Emotes

Add Rufus to your Twitch chat! These emotes are a fun way to spread the JDRF love during a charity stream. We’ve shared the following emotes on BTTV:













To use Rufus emotes:
Find these on under Shared Emotes and select “Add to Channel.” Anyone who has BTTV enabled will be able to use and see these in your Twitch chat.
Fundraising Overlays

Fundraising Overlays

Embed a fundraising overlay in your stream to track progress toward your goal. Alternatively, you can create a custom overlay through your Tiltify campaign dashboard.

To use an overlay:
  1. Get the URL for your Tiltify campaign
  2. Replace the Tiltify portion of this URL with the portion shown in red
  3. Add this URL to your streaming software as a “new browser source” or embedded webpage.

Static Fundraising Bar

Large (1920 x 100 pixels)

Sample URL:

Medium (495 x 100 pixels)

Sample URL:

Small (260 x 100 pixels)

Sample URL:

Animated Fundraising Bar

Large (900 x 100 pixels)

Sample URL:

Medium (495 x 100 pixels)

Sample URL:

Small (260 x 100 pixels)

Sample URL:

Donation Alerts

Donation Alerts

Pop up a JDRF Game2Give “thank you” message when you get a donation.

(Make sure to set up this alert for Tiltify donations, not for tips!)
Scene Transitions

Scene Transitions

You can play these transitions when you switch between scenes or camera views.
Stream Scenes

Stream Scenes

These animated graphics can be used before your stream starts or when you take a break.
Type 1 Diabetes Infographics


Display these screens to inform your viewers about type 1 diabetes and JDRF.
Know the Difference

Warning Signs of T1D

T1D Facts: US

T1D Facts: Canada

T1D Facts: UK

T1D Facts: Australia

T1D Facts: Global

Your Impact 2022

Then vs. Now



Here’s a selection of JDRF videos that you can play during breaks. Each download includes captioned and uncaptioned versions.

JDRF Game2Give Sizzle Reel

An Enemy You Can Beat

2021 Twitch Relay Recap

JDRF Top Advances

What Kids Need to Know
You Are JDRF Supporters

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The assets provided are intellectual property and copyright to JDRF. They must be rendered and used exactly as supplied. For the logos, do not change spacing, alignment, or relative locations of the design elements. Do not change the proportions of any of the design elements or the design itself. You may resize as needed but must retain all proportions. For the videos, no edits can be made without the permission of JDRF. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action by JDRF.

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