T1.Done speedrunning weekend & the latest in JDRF research

Happy (almost) spring! Our March newsletter brings details about our first-ever speedrunning event, a great way to find out about JDRF’s research progress, and a spotlight on a new Ready Type 1 Ambassador who’s already making a big impact in the fight against type 1 diabetes (T1D). Read on!
T1.Done | April 6-7, 2024

T1.Done Speedrunning Event April 7–8

During Raid for Research in February and Vintage vs. Type 1 earlier in March, members of our community banded together to raise almost $48K for JDRF. April brings another fun weekend event, this time organized by Nukkuler and hosted by Spikevegeta.

During T1.Done, more than a dozen speedrunners will showcase games they’ve mastered while commentators explain the tech and glitches they use to play so quickly. There will also be challenge runs (such as beating a game without leveling up the characters) and Crowd Control runs (where viewers can make the run more difficult by doing things like spawning more enemies, mirroring controls, or even killing the player). Hey, it’s all for a good cause!

In the world of speedrunning, the phrase “dot done” is often used to indicate you have finished your run of the game. During a competition, players will type “.done” in chat at the end of the run, which stops the timer. Our goal with this event is to raise money to “.done” T1D—and you can help by tuning in and spreading the word!


The Pipeline—A Monthly Research Newsletter

T1D research is advancing faster than ever before. The scope of clinical trials, therapies moving toward approvals, and advances bringing us closer to cures can be hard to keep track of—but JDRF is here to help.

The Pipeline is JDRF’s dedicated monthly research newsletter that will keep you informed on all the latest in T1D research and science. Every third Tuesday of the month, the Pipeline spotlights recent results from trials, shares breakthroughs and the stories behind them, covers new advancements in the T1D technology that’s improving lives, and shares clinical trial information with our community.

Whether you or a loved one has lived with T1D for years, or your family is navigating a new diagnosis, the Pipeline is a valuable resource to receive once a month. Sign up now to stay up to date.

Season 5 prizes

Max Out Your Season 5 Fundraising Rewards

JDRF Game2Give’s fundraising season ends on June 30. That gives you a little over three months to claim our exclusive Season 5 prizes before they’re retired.

Our final organized fundraiser of the season will be Creators for Cures in May—but why wait? You can do a charity stream for JDRF whenever you’re in the mood!

Brainstorm with our Discord community to come up with a plan, and get your Season 5 sticker pack, Insulin / Eat / Sleep / Game / Repeat T-shirt, D20 die, JDRF Game2Give sweatshirt, and Rufus in his matching T-shirt while you still can.

Streamer Spotlight: BraveEdits

Last month we welcomed our newest Ready Type 1 Ambassador, BraveEdits, into the fold. Brave found out about JDRF as he was about to hit “go live” for his first charity stream for T1D, when his wife asked, “Why aren’t you supporting JDRF?” And the rest is history!

A former teacher turned creator/creative with a soft spot for LEGO Fortnite, Brave has three kids and a fourth on the way in May. “I am beyond excited to fight T1D alongside JDRF, because diabetes shook my family’s world,” he says of his involvement with JDRF Game2Give. “My son Charley was diagnosed at the age of one in a traumatic way, and spent his second birthday in PICU. We are blessed to have him.  Since then, we have been embracing the chaos, learning more and more every day.”

BraveEdits and his sons

Just a month into his tenure as an Ambassador, Brave is already shaking things up in a big way. As the penultimate streamer in our 20-hour Raid for Research marathon, he pulled in almost $4,200 for T1D research in a high-energy and emotional charity stream that ended with a flood of #ForCharley hashtags in the chat.

As far as Brave is concerned, this is just the beginning: “We are SO close to a cure. We WILL find a cure. I believe together, we can make an impact on speeding up the timeline!”

Do you want to make a difference alongside Brave and the rest of our Ready Type 1 Ambassadors? Applications are open through April 1.

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