Playing The Sims 4 to spread T1D awareness


For more than twenty years, people have been recreating daily life in the Sims. You can build your dream house, create a character that looks just like you (or nothing like you!), go after your fantasy job, and so much more… but for people who live with type 1 diabetes (T1D), something was always missing.

Not anymore! In early 2023, several new options were added to the Sims 4’s Create-A-Sim interface, including hearing aids, top scars for trans players, and (drum roll please)… wearable devices for people with diabetes!

Two screen grabs of the Create A Sim interface showing wearable diabetes devices on a Sim's abdomen and arm.

The devices are generic-looking, so they could represent an insulin pump or a continuous glucose monitor. You can choose to place the device on your Sim’s arm or abdomen.

(Special thanks to JDRF Game2Give cofounder Hans ten Cate for making this video. Fun fact: Hans was a development director on The Sims 2 back in the early 2000s!)

To celebrate this amazing T1D representation, we’ve joined forces with the Sims development team to offer giveaways during National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM). Three members of our community will be playing The Sims 4 with Crowd Control—letting viewers wreak havoc in their games by setting fires, depleting a Sim’s needs meters, increasing their age, and even killing them off.

Sound mean? Hey, it’s all for a good cause!

Want to get in on the chaos, and maybe win some Sims goodies while you’re at it?

Tune in to these Sims 4 charity streams:

  • November 14 at 6:30am PT / 9:30am ET: Annanomaly giving away a llama plushie dressed for the Cottage Living expansion pack (white llama pictured below), plus five expansion pack game keys for PC/Mac.
  • November 14 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET: Patch Notes giving away a Sims prize pack—Sims 4 for PC/Mac, branded satchel, notebook, stainless steel bottle & chalk, and embroidered patch from the Growing Together expansion pack (not pictured), plus two expansion pack game keys for PC/Mac.
  • November 16 at 10am PT / 1pm ET: Arielehm giving away a llama plushie for the High School Years expansion pack (brown llama pictured below), plus five expansion pack game keys for PC/Mac.
Branded Sims satchel, water bottle, notebook, chalk packets, game in DVD case, and two plush llama toys.
Branded Sims satchel, water bottle, notebook, chalk packets, and game in DVD case.
Two llama plush toys.

Are YOU planning to play The Sims 4 during NDAM? Tag us on Twitter and Instagram with #NDAM and #Sims4 and we’ll signal boost your charity stream!

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