A record-breaking NDAM, JRPG Humble Bundle, and see you in 2024!

It’s already… December? What a year it’s been! With your help, JDRF Game2Give has already raised more than $180,000 for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research during Season 5 (July 1–June 30, 2024). We couldn’t have done it without our awesome community—that includes you!

We’ll be back in 2024 with even more to celebrate, so stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Raid for Research relay in February, a Magic: The Gathering tournament (!), and so much more.

NDAM 2023 Total

Record-Breaking National Diabetes Awareness Month!

Slang for “style, charm or attractiveness” (and Oxford University Press’ word of the year for 2023), “rizz” was on full display this National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM).

In November, 108 creators from all over the world came together for NDAM to raise a record-breaking $75,707.50—the most EVER RAISED in a single JDRF Game2Give event! (Did we mention that the original goal was $40,000?!)

Marked by entertaining incentive milestones (eating a tarantula, wearing a ghastly wig, rocking makeup applied with your hands behind your back), creative rizz-worthy content (dancing banana X LOTR, sugar glow dancing, The Sims X Crowd Control chaos), and wholesome match making (“look at his face!”, “Can’t help but smile!,” “It’s not itsy bitsy: that’s the problem!”) , you showed how together we can make a difference for the 8.7 million people living with T1D worldwide—thank you!

A special thank you to our sponsor, Ascension Diabetes Care-the company that brings the adult type 1 diabetes community the Eversense E3 CGM System, the only long-term CGM. Our #MatchMakers truly enjoyed spreading the joy on their behalf!

Have any clips from your November streams? Be sure to send them our way in the Discord or via email at gaming@jdrf.org and you may see them in an upcoming NDAM highlights reel.

Fight T1D with JRPGs Humble Bundle

Fight T1D with JRPGs!

Help us battle against T1D with this bundle of games for JRPG lovers! Bring peace to the land of Tahnra in Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga. Uncover the secrets of the Land of Bugaria in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. Journey through the neo-futuristic metropolis of Mato Anomalies.

Humble’s “Fight T1D with JRPGs” bundle includes these games plus five more—a $169 value! Get all eight JRPGs for just $15 (or more, if you choose). This bundle ends tomorrow, so don’t miss out!

You can maximize the percentage of your donation that goes to JDRF by adjusting the donation slider under the checkout button to change how much of your purchase supports JDRF.

End-of-Year Accounting

Did you donate to a JDRF charity stream this year, and now you’re looking for your donation receipts as 2023 draws to a close? Check your inbox (including the spam folder) for the email confirmation Tiltify sent when you made the donation. If you can’t find it, the folks at tiltify@support.com can help.

Streamer Spotlight: VirtuallyMarti

If you’ve ever watched a JDRF Game2Give highlight reel, you’ve probably seen a clip of a charity stream where a brunette creator playing a Mario game thanks a donor by exclaiming: “Bless your cotton socks!”

Endearing thank yous and a charming British accent aside, VirtuallyMarti is much more than the voice behind that iconic clip.

After hearing about JDRF Game2Give in 2020 amid the pandemic, Marti knew she wanted to do her part to help those in need—especially her fellow T1D pals who were also stuck at home. So, what did she do? She hosted a charity stream and raised over $3,200! Since then, she continues to fundraise for JDRF, most recently during NDAM 2023 where she raised $1,902.51 to bring her lifetime fundraising total on Tiltify to over $15,000.


VirtuallyMarti is open about her experiences, often explaining the intricacies of living with T1D and showing her tech on stream. Living with T1D since 2011, she sees it as her mission to educate and raise more awareness anyway she can.

When asked what motivates her to continue fundraising for JDRF, it all comes down to the kids: “Pictures of children with insulin pumps and sensors that are as big as they are breaks my heart. It makes me angry that they must mature quicker than other kids their age and have their carefree childhood taken away. I don’t want to see pictures like that anymore. We need to cure T1D.”

We couldn’t agree more, Marti. And we’re lucky to have you on our team of Ready Type 1 Ambassadors! With you on our side, we’re confident we can end T1D forever.

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