Vintage vs. Type 1

Vintage vs.
Type 1

The first weekend in March, celebs from the Magic: The Gathering community will participate in a series of Vintage Cube drafts while viewers put stipulations on what cards they can and cannot draft through online donations.

Tune in March 2–3 at and donate on Tiltify to receive limited-edition avatars, free entries to play Vintage Cube on Magic Online, and more!

“I was diagnosed with diabetes even before I started playing Magic back in the early ’90s. Back then, the format we played was simply known as Magic.

A couple of years later, when Type 2 (now known as ‘Standard’) was announced, the most encompassing format was retronymed to Type 1 (now known as ‘Vintage’) and I have had the two intertwined in my life ever since.”

Brian David-Marshall
Vintage vs. Type 1 Organizer

Vintage vs. Type 1 Players

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