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Want to charity stream for us, but not sure where to start?

Read on to learn how to set up a Tiltify campaign, how to get those donations rolling in, and how prepare for the big day. Remember, you’re not limited to gaming for your charity stream—all types of streaming are welcome!

Step 1: Register

JDRF Game2Give holds several organized streaming events each year. To register for an event, find our current fundraising events at the bottom of this page:

We recommend linking your campaign to one of these events (rather than selecting Tiltify’s “just raise for the cause” option) so you can compete on the leaderboards and the money you raise will count toward our latest fundraising goal.

But if there are currently no events happening, or if they don’t seem
relevant to you, that’s okay! You’re still welcome to do an independent
charity stream whenever you want.

TIP: Recruit a team of streamers to join you. Ask friends to stream and join you in your activities. You’ll have more fun, we promise!

Streaming during an event like National Diabetes Awareness Month is rewarding and fun! Join the community to work toward an overall fundraising goal.


Rae’s NDAM 2023 November 18, 2023 @ 11am EST Two columns of text displaying Incentives and Milestones. Incentives: $1 Bubbles, $5 Cat Dance, $10 Scare Alert, $15 Beanboozled, $25 Gem on Face, $30 1 song dance party, $40 One hand gameplay (2 minutes), $50 Rufus Pin (from JDRF!), $60 Tarot card reading, $100 Spins the wheel. Milestones: Things Already One: 12 Hour Stream! (on Rae’s Side), 10 Bean Boozlebeans in a row!, 4 Game Giveaways, Next Stream = Onesie Day, 2 Chat Wheel Spin, $2,500 Discord Game Night, $2,800 Chat Picks: BG3 Run, $3,000 Chat Picks: New Emote, $3,200 Bob Ross Paint Stream, $3,400 Game Giveaway, $3,500 Chat Picks: Baking Stream, $3,800 Sims 4 (Diabetic) stream, $3,900 Game Cosplay and Stream, $4,000 Spicy Bean Challenge, Stretch Milestones +$100: Spin the wheel

Donation incentives (things people get for donating) and milestones (things that happen when you hit a fundraising goal) can motivate viewers to donate during your charity stream.


Step 2: Customize Your Campaign

Make your stream your own! This includes sharing your reason for streaming; setting a fundraising goal, milestones, and targets; creating polls; offering incentives; customizing your overlay; integrating Crowd Control, and more. Don’t forget to publish your campaign when it’s ready.
Rufus Note

TIP: Brainstorm fundraising ideas in our Discord server. Our community is always chatting about ways to incentivize their communities!

Step 4: Testing, 1-2-3

Do an equipment check before the big day. Is your software up-to-date? Latest game patch downloaded? Overlays and alerts set up and working properly? If you’re playing a tabletop game, do you have all the pieces?

TIP: Make a donation to your Tiltify campaign to test your donation alert. People who make the first donation to their campaign are shown to raise more money!

Rufus is ready! Are you?


Step 6: Tag Us on Socials

Tag @JDRFGame2Give and @Tiltify on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram when you share news about your charity stream and when you go live. We’d love to show our support and even hop into your stream!

Step 7: Go Live! And Don’t Forget…

TIP: Kick off your fundraising with a self-donation while you’re streaming to show your commitment to the cause, and ask your viewers to match it.


No matter how well prepared you are, charity streams can be hectic! Roll with it and have fun.

This note from a JDRF Youth Ambassador to one of our fundraisers shows how a personalized “thank you” reinforces the value of their participation. Consider doing something like this for your donors.

Step 8: After Your Stream

WHAT’S NEXT? Schedule your next charity stream or plan to join us for an official JDRF Game2Give event.

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